About Soup Swap

Everyone knows soup is honest food and good for you. It’s easy to make a big pot that will last for a few days and it’s economical.

But by day three or four, the best pot of soup can be darn tedious. In the late 90′s, Knox Gardner found himself thinking about eating anything but the leftovers in his soup pot in Seattle, “How
in the heck can I end this madness without throwing this good stuff out?” What if I could share it with my friends?

Soup Swap was born. Fun to say and easy to do, Knox and his friends spent a couple years working out a system that’s easy and brought some much needed variation to supper during the dreary, rainy season. Move forward a few years to 2005 when Knox found himself in Boston and his friends quite rightly realized they didn’t need him around to have Soup Swap. So that year, found us with two Soup Swaps: one in Boston and one in Seattle.

In 2006, we added a little Internet magic to Soup Swap, and before we knew it the pals in Seattle and friends in Boston got some mad traction with Soupster Bloggers in Washington DC who helped spread Soup Swap to New York, California and points in between. We declared National Soup Swap Day!

We see ourselves as a loose confederation of folks who love good food, strengthening community, and think that it is one way to be a little more focused on simple things that matter most. We love Soup Swap.

While we celebrate the third Saturday in January as the National Soup Swap, we have this to say: there’s no point to ceremony, swap when you can! It’s easy, it’s good for you, good for your neighbors and pals, and downright sensible.

Contact Us

Sure, we have this fancy looking site, but we also have day jobs. You send us questions, love letters or recipes and we’ll do what we can to respond quickly and if it seems appropriate post what you send us or link to it. We always enjoy hearing about others’ Soup Swaps!