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General Notes about the National Soup Swap, the site, and planning

8th National Soup Swap

Our site is still so busted! DANG.

Find us on FACEBOOK “Soup Swap”!

JANUARY 26th! It’s on…

Folks, the site is a big mess! Sorry..Day Job!


Where are the 2012 Soup Swaps?

Here’s a map! It’s open to the public, so add yours if you don’t see it on here!

View Soup Swaps 2012 in a larger map

Soup Swap SIX: January 21, 2012

It’s a bit like standing at the bus stop with a new lunch box knowing you’re a big kid now that you’re off to your first day of school!

Hurrah! We’re SIX and ready to SWAP SOUP!

JANUARY 21, 2012

For the latest updates, links to some potential recipes, and ideas for hosting the best Soup Swap ever, be sure to follow along on Facebook or find us on Twitter at Soupswap.

It’s finally here! The Fifth National Soup Swap!

Excited hardly begins to describe how I feel about today. Years ago, when I started swapping soup with my pals in Seattle as way to overcome my boredom with big pots of soup I’d never have guessed it would have turned into a day that, for me, rivals Thanksgiving or my birthday on the calendar.

I wanted to take this opportunity to offer an very heartfelt thank you to all of you that are participating today.

I was reminiscing with a friend who was at those very first soup swaps in my tiny Seattle garden cottage when I was 28 or 29 and still working out an easy swapping system. She said this about those awkward swaps, “Yes, we were younger then, and skinnier, and we rode our bicycles everywhere and then smoked cigarettes and oh, life was beautiful.”

How fast time flies and surprising to be forty with so many different things in my life, but “Wow!” how life is still beautiful on National Soup Swap Day.

Soup Swap, while still an obvious way to fill a freezer with tasty homemade soup, has really taught me about how communities of friends and families create traditions around food and sharing. It has shown me plenty of bravery as people try new recipes and come together trusting strangers in their homes to offer their creations. And it taught me repeatedly how we often have much more in common than the differences that are used to divide and segment us.

I love how all across the country people are taking this simple idea, tweaking it to what works best for them, and then sharing their creativity and graciousness with not only those around them, but with all of us here on the Internet. I’ve lost count this year on how many Soup Swaps are happening tonight or this week, but suffice to say, a quick scan on the nets reveals the idea has spread far and wide and continues to grow.

Plenty of you that have been with us for four or five years, know we’re still having some issues with the site. However, a couple days ago, I took a deep breath about that, because while helpful, it’s not what really matters— there will always be Soup Swap Six to get all those fancy site features working! Nope, instead what really matters is that we just celebrate what we’re doing today! Sharing. Meeting neighbors. Being creative. Having a few laughs. Giving.

We’re on Twitter today and tweeting with #soupswap and it’s easier to post a picture or update on Facebook than the site this year. Like always, you’re welcome to email me directly with any pictures, recipes or Soup Swap reports or invites and we’ll get them up as soon as we can right here.

Happy National Soup Swap Day!!!!

Fight Hunger with Cabot Cheese

Fight Hunger with Cabot CheeseWhen you have a freezer of awesome homemade soup, it’s pretty easy to get rid of a few cans of soup in your pantry and give it to a food bank. That wasn’t our idea out here in Seattle, but one that we adopted from D.C. and Indianapolis that first year of the National Soup Swap.

This year, Vermont’s Cabot Cheese called us up and said they’d like to help. They’ve got an entire team of folks thinking up ways to do some good and promote the type of communities we all want to live in. We’d love them just for that, but of course, we love their cheese too.

They’ve lined up some great bloggers across the country who will be hosting Soup Swaps, tweeting about it, and lining up donations to their local food banks.

How can you help? For every recipe you submit to them this week with cheese, both for soup and snacks, they’re going to send $1 to Hunger Free Vermont and give you a coupon off some of their cheese and dairy products.

Learn more about Soup Swap and Cabot at their Facebook page.

Here are some Cabot organized Soup Swaps!

St. Louis: Extraordinary Mommy, Danielle Smith.
Corpus Christi: A Southern Fairytale with Rachel Matthews
Kansas City: V3′s Shelly Kramer & American Restaurant’s Debbie Gold
Portland, Maine: Candace Karu of Cabot Cheese and Subjet to Change.

And they’ve got Green and Clean Mom also tweeting her swap.

Our New Site for 2011!

Soup Swap’s a simple idea that we started spreading from Seattle years ago through the power of the Internet and goodwill. Over the years we’ve grown and changed the site several times, mostly without a long-range plan.

I’m no tech genius and we’ve all got day jobs, so whatever was quickest was what we did first. This means our backend files are mess, some of the stuff on the front end worked only some of the time. Plenty of things we’d like to include and you folks ask for like recipes, downloadable invites, and ways to find soup swaps near you, we just haven’t had time for.

This new site, well, today it’s still a mess! What we know though is that we’ve got a big platform upgrade, we know where all the files are at, and when you link to us, you’ll have a stable link. We’re well on the way to implementing several more features before the 5th National Soup Swap! We’ll have all the old posts and pictures up again soon. You’ll want to keep in touch!

Here’s a few new ways to join us this year: Twitter, Facebook, and of course, drop us a note if you want to be on the mailing list!

Back in the Kitchen for Soup Swap 5!

A bowl of soup wouldn’t make a bad lunch in Seattle today. It’s rainy and cool once again.

Last week I heard about an upcoming November soup swap in Oregon, and I got my first email from a friend here in Seattle asking about the soup swap. Oh, January…it will be here soon enough, I’m still not quite ready to let go of summer!

The Fifth National Soup Swap is on January 22, 2011.

While we’re heading back into the kitchen, we’ll ask you’re patience as we get ready to roll out a new site in the next few weeks!

We’re going to make it easier for you to tell others about your swap, post pictures, share recipes. We’re going to have a few more fun downloads to help you organize your swap and few new features that are just going to be a bit top-secret until the new site is up!

We’re also going to be quite a bit busier with our updates on Twitter…making it a great way to connect with other soup swappers and stay up on all the news for our fifth anniversary season!

Until then, we’ve removed a few things from this site to make it easier, though you may find a few broken links from when we switched servers this summer.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to drop me a note at

National Soup Swap Day!

It’s finally here!

Happy Soup Swapping to everyone across the country!

If you’ve not made your plans, don’t let ceremony stand in your way, just swap when you can… to everyone swapping today: Hurrah! Have a great swap!

Knox Gardner blogging hours ahead of it all in Israel!

National Soup Swap Day IV: January 23, 2010!

You might as well mark those calendars NOW.

It’s Soup Swap 2010.

While we declare the National Day of Soup Swap to be Saturday, January 23, we always like to add….SWAP WHEN YOU CAN!

We’ve got swaps happening all this week, next week and into the end of February. Some places like Vermont will have winter for months and months. And then there’s those Fall pre-holiday swaps that are so much fun. You think Soup Swap? Then just do and let us know, as we love to post about Soup Swaps as a way to encourage others to cook some soup, meet their neighbors and build a great community tradition.

However, if you’d like to get official with us, we hope you’ll join us for the Fourth National Soup Swap Day in 2010.