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Soup Swap on Seattle’s King 5

Made for featuring on morning shows, Soup Swap’s a great party idea! Here in Seattle, lifestyle wonderwoman, Kelley Moore does a segment on King 5′s Northwest New Day regularly. Yesterday, she had ideas for hosting a soup swap. Less about the soup, and more about the event, she showed off invites, table decorations, soup labels, snacks, wine, beer…

Good grief, how she even had time to give a shout out to National Soup Swap Day is amazing.

Now Kelley is promoting the taste and meal approach to Soup Swap, and it’s one that several groups have adopted, starting all the way back with Bad Home Cooking, “What do you mean the soup was supposed to be frozen?” and we’ve been known to have a pot of not quite ready to trade soup hot on our own oven being the procrastinators we are!

As you know, we always say this, “Join us on National Soup Swap Day, but if you can’t swap then… swap when you can!”… so by now you ought to know that we also believe that you should swap soup in the way that works best for your group of pals. We find it easy to transport frozen soup and we like the mystery. But if you really feel everyone can handle a big old pot of soup in the car and get to your party or you want folks to set some aside for tasting, do it! Maybe you want to trade four instead of six, or have all the soup be vegan or filled with animals, or not soups per se at all, but maybe curry, well, we’re not stopping you! Go for it…and send us a picture!

Or better yet, post one on our Facebook page!

If you’re in Seattle, Kelley’s doing some holiday decorating classes. Four dates to pick from, $25 a class, register at her site:

Contributing to the Internet and the Economic Crisis

“The founder of the first, Knox Gardner admits that the popularity of this trend contributed to the Internet and the economic crisis. But he stresses that the soup itself, however – the most important.”

Yep, you heard it from me first, soup is more important to then being popular, contributing to the Internet and the economic crisis.

If you read Croatian, you might have a very different understanding than Google Translate of the recent piece that showed up on Voice of America.

“Soup Swap,” fenomen trampe juha, širi se Amerikom

That’s right, we’re an phenomenon!

It’s a rework of the recent piece in the Oregonian, and we’re thrilled it’s make some International rounds!

Every year it seems we pick up a few swappers around the globe: Switzerland, England, Australia, South Africa — maybe we’re just going to have to get braver an announce International Soup Swap Day sometime soon!

Even though we fly that “National” banner, don’t think for one moment, that we’re not excited to have these outpost of soup swaps across the sea join us! Drop us a line!

Hear about Soup Swap on National Public Radio

A few weeks ago, I found myself on the phone with Deena Prichep talking about Soup Swap. We had a bad connection, so we arranged to try a seldom used landline in our house the next day for an interview. Our land line is in our kitchen, all tile and hard surfaces, so I lined a small corner of it with every blanket and pillow in the house and hung down comforters from our pot racks to soften the sound.

She did what they could with sound engineer, but I still sound like I’m calling in from a far, frozen tundra where the only thing people live on is soup. Thankfully, I sound excited about it!

Swaps Get More Mileage From Humble Bowl Of Soup

It has been a real treat to have soup swappers and those who want to be here in the Northwest drop us a line after hearing the story on the radio. It’s an easy affair to organize, a great way to get some healthy variety in your meals, and a swell way to get to know the folks around you better.

Once, again, we’d like to point our newest readers to a few places: How To Host a Soup Swap; Subscribe via RSS; Follow us on Twitter ; Find us on Faceboo; Join our Email List.

Finally, if you like Deena’s point of view as much as we do, you can follow her food blog, right here: Mostly Foodstuffs

Welcome Oregonian Readers!

Portland has long been one of the centers of the Soup Swapping craze with several groups around the city we hear from time and again. Heck, I was thinking about making a drive down next month for a Soup Swap that, admittedly, often has better snacks then what we come up with in Seattle! I admit it, Portland pretty much rules!

We’re thrilled if you’re here for the first time from today’s article in the Oregonian.

Soup Swaps Help Stock Your Freezer and Foster Friendships

Here’s how Soup Swap works: HOW TO
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Sacramento: So Nice, We did it TWICE!

Soup Swap? What a great concept!

I love it so much I organized two–One with my TV co-workers and the other with my family!

I work for CW 31′s Good Day Sacramento…a very fun and local morning show in Sacramento, Ca. My co-workers and I put on our chef hats and made some soup! We swapped soup LIVE on the air. Check out the pictures and video!

My aunts are great cooks and I knew they would be up for a soup swap too! We love any excuse to get together! So they all came over Friday night armed with soup! More details and pictures on my blog!

This will definitely be an Ortiz tradition!

Julissa Ortiz

Seeking Soup Swap in Madison, WI

I’m the State Journal-Cap Times food writer, and wonder if any soup swaps are scheduled in this area?

Contact Chris at

Spokesman Review: Turned on to Soup Swap!

We received a nice note from Cheryl in Spokane about how much fun it was to host a Soup Swap, and to meet some new folks, including a reporter from the local paper, the Spokesman Review.

Lorie Huston of the paper tells it this way,

“It was a cold, gray Spokane day when Cheryl Matamoros discovered Soup Swap while she was searching for soup recipes online.

She loved the idea of gathering friends to trade quarts of homemade soup and she was a little surprised that Spokane wasn’t already on the Soup Swap map. She vowed to host the area’s first Soup Swap just before it started snowing and snowing and snowing.

“It was January before I thought, ‘Now when was that soup swap supposed to be?’ ” she says.

As we always say, “Swap when you can!”

It’s cool to hear of the great success of Spokane’s first soup swap and we look forward to having them join us for the Fourth National Soup Swap, next January 2010!

“Warming Up Winter”: National Exposure through the Wire

Jenny Mastroianni writes recently about Soup Swap, “…for folks who love an excuse to get together and share food, this fun party idea is for you.
[our italics]

I first heard of soup swapping this summer when one of our guest food writers told me about it. I loved the idea. The premise is simple — swap soup with friends — with all sorts of ways to customize it to your liking.

The third National Soup Swap day is Jan. 24, but don’t worry about swapping on the exact day. Swap anytime, and as someone who has a freezer stocked with a variety of other people’s homemade soup, I highly recommend that you do.”

As part of the Gatehouse News Service, her article has been picked up by many smaller locals across the country including Connecticut’s The Norwich Bulletin, Illinois’ Broadview Suburban Life, Waltham, Massachusetts, “Wicked Local (ha!) and the Holliston TAB. Wait, seriously, that’s not all. We know that some folks in saw it in the Moberly Monitor in Missouri, The Daily Telegram of Adrian, Michigan, the Evening Call in Du Quoin, Illinois, and the Siskiyou Daily News in Yreka, California.

You can see the whole article here at the Norwich Bulletin. It includes a few recipes as well.

Spokane? Meet the Press!

Hello fine folks of Spokane!

We’ve got a request from the local paper, The Spokeman Review, to conduct an interview and learn more about your soup swapping plans. While we make it a policy not to give our emails unless you specifically say we can, we do drop you private notes on requests like these, but alas! we do not have a Spokane contact email.

Swappers of Spokane: please contact Lorie Hutson,, Features Department, The Spokesman-Review, (509) 459-5446!

And good luck with that swap next Tuesday!

Betty Crocker on Soup Swapping

Nice looking, but no link back

Nice looking, but no link back

There’s a nice looking Soup Swap presentation on the Betty Crocker site this year. They write, “Soup swaps are a warm way to get through cold and blustery days. You make one kind of soup, gather with friends, trade, and come home with a variety for your freezer. While you’re at it, ask everyone to bring enough soup to heat and share for an enjoyable and delicious time. National Soup Swap Day is January 24, 2009. Follow our fun ideas and be a part of it.”

While they mentioned Soup Swap Day, I was bummed they didn’t link back to us since we set the day! Oh well… we still love the neighborly attributes of soup swap and are glad the concept is getting passed around! That’s awesome.

They do provide some recipe ideas for both soups and snacks, though all involve branded items. Still, with some smart kitchen thinking, it’s obvious you could make your own substitutions. For those afraid of soup making, it’s as fine as place to start as any other.