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Good soup, bad soup, snacks and other things to cook

A Meeting of Soup Swap Titans

TransNational Soup Swap Titans

TransNational Soup Swap Titans

One of the unexpected pleasures of National Soup Swap Day is all the interesting emails and all the new folks we’ve met online and the occasional new people we meet that show up to our Soup Swap in Seattle.

At 3046 miles from Seattle, Roslindale, Massachusetts is quite a long ways from our rainy Northwest city, so it was with even more than usual delight that I was able to show one-half of the Providence/Roslindale swap team a bit of our city’s highlights. Mark and his coworker were here on business and had the good sense to drop me a note, perhaps sensing, there’s hardly a thing I like better than showing off our city to our out-of-town Soup Swappers.

Mark at the Market

Mark at the Market

Good times and conversation had by all, with stops at Matt’s at the Market, Kerry Park for the views, a peak at Fiereabend, dinner at Quinn’s and Caffe´ Vita for whirlwind night in Seattle. Here at Seattle Soup Swap HQ, we give good city tours filled with insightful commentary to useless facts, vague answers to serious questions, and cocktails.

The Roslindale 2009 Soup Swap data has not been set yet, but look for it sometime at the end of February.

Betty Crocker on Soup Swapping

Nice looking, but no link back

Nice looking, but no link back

There’s a nice looking Soup Swap presentation on the Betty Crocker site this year. They write, “Soup swaps are a warm way to get through cold and blustery days. You make one kind of soup, gather with friends, trade, and come home with a variety for your freezer. While you’re at it, ask everyone to bring enough soup to heat and share for an enjoyable and delicious time. National Soup Swap Day is January 24, 2009. Follow our fun ideas and be a part of it.”

While they mentioned Soup Swap Day, I was bummed they didn’t link back to us since we set the day! Oh well… we still love the neighborly attributes of soup swap and are glad the concept is getting passed around! That’s awesome.

They do provide some recipe ideas for both soups and snacks, though all involve branded items. Still, with some smart kitchen thinking, it’s obvious you could make your own substitutions. For those afraid of soup making, it’s as fine as place to start as any other.

The Most Disgusting Sounding Soup from Texas

My mother.

Now I don’t want to bust out on anyone’s Soup Swap, but I got this recipe from the Whitney, Texas Soup Swap and I thought I’d share it. It sounds awful.

I know in Texas they love their Velveeta, so it would make sense that there would be a soup with it, but I am on a diet, so I have not tried it. I leave it to you, swappers of the world, to determine the nature of this soup. Easy to make, cheap enough ingredients, but Boy Howdy! it sounds um….different. But then my mother called me a “Soup Snob”. She write, “We think you will like it A LOT!!!!”

You be the judge.

Texas Velveeta Veg Soup

1 package 16 oz* frozen broccoli, cauliflower and carrot mix
1 large chicken broth (48 oz)
1 3/4 lb velveeta – cut up in cube

Place veggies and broth in large saucepan, cover, bring to boil on med-high heat. Reduce heat to low; simmer 10 min or until veggies are tender. Mash veggies with potato masher to desired consistency. Stir in Velveeta cubes; cool 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and soup is heated.

Go Local in Indiana!

Go Local! With Indiana ProduceThere was a day when people ate what they grew and in season. We’d all be well into our jars of beans, salted meat, and squash now and waiting for nearly anything to leaf out, bitter dandelion greens and nettles for something fresh. I wouldn’t want to go back exactly, but I do believe we need a return to a more sustainable, saner form of local agriculture. Soup Swap is a natural extension of this.

It is with much excitement that we’re able to announce yet another Indiana Soup Swap, this one also near Indianapolis, but with a twist in that they are asking the participants to highlight locally grown, seasonal produce.

Victoria’s Going Local blog is a beautiful resource for locally grown and produced food in Indiana. With links to CSA farms, farmer markets and delicious recipes, it’s a pleasure to read and look at.

She’ll be hosting a Indiana “Go Local” Soup Swap on January 26. So drop her a note, here, for more information.

Even if you’re not in Indiana, you’ll want to take a look, as this week, she’s posting recipes every single day for seasonal soups featuring Indiana ingredients, so if you’re looking for Soup Swap ideas, they are here and they do look good! Today, she’s has a lovely looking Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple recipe, always a favorite.

Windsor Soup: See The Site, Cook the Soup

It is with a bit of delight that we received a “spam-lite” mail that was on target to soup swap and actually has a soup recipe from the mighty UK. More Monty Python than anything, Dave writes (spelling corrected),

“We get many American visitors here in Royal Windsor, which has the largest occupied castle in Europe. Many come to lay flowers at the George the Third memorial and ask the Queen to let you all become British again but no dice. But not many realize that the town was actually named after a soup. The famous Brown Windsor Soup.

If you want the recipe for a soup swap Google “Windsor soup”!

Ok, it may take a bit of clicking around, look for the colander in the upper right corner, but there is a soup recipe here with delicious sounding horseradish dumplings. Mainly we’re posting it for it’s pleasant sunny humor and delightful weirdness (plus links to Windsor hotels if you are going that way). I’ll let you decide for yourself if there is any meaning in this.

Crown Heights Swap

we had our soup swap on saturday march 3 in crown heights brooklyn.
the 5 swappers:

the swappers
(jenn | lori | kayte | laura | nina)

we showed up at 2, a bit hungry (as per instructions) and were fed a delicious veggie chili with home made cornbread by our intrepid leader: Jenn.

in her own words:

    This seemed to be the Year of the Soup Swap out in Blogland– I’d never heard of such a thing before this winter, but now it’s one of those things that just seems to hit me over the head no matter which way I turn. I *loved* the idea from the start– not only do I get the chance to nourish my friends with a homemade soup, but I also get to be nourished by theirs. The one thing I did differently was to declare it a Vegetarian Soup Swap (cause I’m mostly a veg). Ours was a small group swap, with five participants. Next year I plan on holding the swap earlier in the wintertime, and opening it up to more swappers. It was such a delicious success!

and our soups:

1 reason 2 B happy 4 cold
spicy sweet potato w/coconut | butternut squash | ground nut stew | zucchini/potato/leek | eggplant

jenn’s recipe:
I followed one of the suggestions at the bottom of the page and pureed about 3/4 of the roasted sweet potatoes with the soup stock, to make it creamier.

a somewhat poetic interpretation (click image to read) of my recipe:

Storing and Freezing Resource

For all you swappers out there, we’ve compiled a few tips on storing and freezing your concoctions. You can find it here. We welcome any other pointers you might have.

We also have a smaller version of the soup swap animation up in our sidebar if any fellow swappers would like to use it on their site!

Soup Swap Sticker Sightings

Little Elephants proposes a virtual Soup Swap, swapping recipes instead of actual soup. At the Soup Swap Headquarters, we like the human interaction of an in-person soup swap, plus, we love love love the “telling of the soup” portion of the evening. But last time round we did discuss including copies of recipes along with the soup.

A good plan. If we’d done that, I’d still have copies of the Carrot Top Soup recipe that got so much derision at the swap, but was the sleeper hit of the season. We’d also be several steps closer to the Soup Swap Cookbook.