Do we have to do this on National Soup Swap Day?

While National Soup Swap day is awesome and you’ll be joining with cities across the nation— we always say, “Swap when you can!”

What about vegetarians or food allergies?

You know your friends better than us! We don’t set any rules on the types of soups, but do expect people to provide full disclosure on the ingredients that might be of concern. In our experience, soup swaps groups that set too many rules disband after one or two swaps. Let’s say the last soup left is beef stew and it’s going to a vegetarian? They could share it with a pal later, or do a side-swap with someone right then.

What if there are two pumpkin curry soups?
It’s possible, but they’re cooked by different folks and are going to spiced differently.

Does the soup have to be frozen? How will I know if it’s good?

Frozen soup is easy to put in your car or schelp on the bus. You might pick a soup that you end up not liking and that a little more salt doesn’t fix. It happens! But overall, what you’re much more likely to experience is the joy in eating an easy meal cooked for you by someone else, someone who cooks differently than anyone else you know! Some groups do bring crockpots filled with hot soup, some groups have people bring 5 frozen and one unfrozen for tasting, and sometimes people bring soup to swap they just made that day in a crazy rush.

What if someone really wants to do it but can’t make it that night?

No big deal! More soup! We call this a proxy and here’s how it works.
Your friend brings drops their soup of ahead of time. Include them you count how many numbers go in the hat. Have people draw numbers. You should have one number left in the hat. Find out who has the lowest number and then trade them with whatever number the Proxy has. This undoubtedly makes the person who is there happier as proxies always pick last. As the host, you’ll want to make sure the proxy’s soup is described well and you might consider asking someone else to do the picking for them: it’s a great task for someone who knows their taste or for any children in the room.

What if someone shows up with the wrong size containers or doesn’t have six quarts?

This happens sometimes. Let’s say they thought they were making six but only ended up with four. We have these folks draw in order and participate as if they brought all six…but when they’ve picked soups equal to the amount they’ve brought, they then stop picking and the draw order skips them.

Can I pick my own soup?

Sure, if that’s what sounds best to you…though it’s likely to be little awkward.

Do you have ideas for door prizes?

Oh, do we ever! Our tradition is to give a large wooden spoon for the first soup picked, but there’s no need to follow our tradition: here’s a link to some great door prizes, some clever invites, and even some fancy packaging.

Do you have any other tips for the host?

Encouraging your guests to check out www.soupswap.com will really help them get into the spirit of the evening and clarify any questions they might have.